Connect by Circular-Lab


The new frontier of
Data Digitization

Connect By Circular Lab® is a leader in digitization and traceability in diagnostics and healthcare data.

Circular-Lab® is a company focused on digitization, process automation and traceability
of the value chain of clinical diagnosis and health in general.

Connect by Circular-Lab


Lead the global trend of digital transformation in health and the generation and interpretation of real-world data ("Real World Data") in real time.


Develop comprehensive digital AI based solutions to personalize cancer treatment and health interventions in general.


Create global platforms that integrate the main players in our areas of activity, providing efficiency, transparency and traceability.


Transversal application to any area where the traceability and availability of data in real time is key.

Transformative Digitization

We build up interconnected ecosystems around our platforms that generate continuous incremental value for their members.

  1. Interoperability.
  2. Real-time data.
  3. Traceability.
  4. Control Panel.

We generate

Real World Data

Structured populations for “Real World Data/Evidence” projects and high-level and scientifically rigorous Data Analytics.


High-value ML and NLP structured data for analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques.


Actionable intel to personalize health interventions and increase the efficiency and value of all the players in the ecosystem.